Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Heart of Wisdom: In Awe of the Eternal God

A couple days ago I shared that I yearly reflect on Psalm 90 in order to be reminded of and humbled by the brevity and unimpressiveness of my life. I also said I’d be posting on 4 qualities of the “heart of wisdom” we should seek to cultivate (v.12). These four qualities are based on this truth:

We can only live our days wisely when we see God clearly.

So then, the first point is this:

A person with a heart of wisdom stands in awe of the eternal God.

Wisdom doesn’t start with self-evaluation. It starts with worship. It begins by considering the character and nature of God.

That’s where Moses begins in verse 1 of Psalm 90. He’s leading a million people through the desert. They are nomads wandering without a true home. But he says, "Lord, you are our dwelling place." You are our refuge and you’ve been our refuge.

He goes on to consider God’s eternity. Verse 2 brings us before a God who is "from everlasting to everlasting."

The proper perspective comes from focusing on God. Moses and the Israelites really wanted a place to live. They wanted a homeland. They wanted a few mountains and some earth to call their own. But Moses remembers that there’s something far more significant—they worship the one true God who existed before creation, before the mountains were brought forth.

In the brilliance of the glory of the eternal God, Moses turns his attention to man...

(To be continued next post)

For a spoiler, listen to my sermon from December 31, which is the source of these posts.


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