Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Some More Pics

Here are some more pictures from different moments on our trip...

A small slice of the kids choir at the last session of the conference in Hakuba.

My mom, Shannon and my grandma hamming it up at a rest stop on our way from
Hakuba to Marumori. The rest stops are so much nicer in Japan than America.
We had a great dinner. The hilarious moment came when Shannon and Emma
accidentally used the men's bathroom! I came in and they were trapped in
stall laughing their heads off.

Dinner with the Bromans.

My mom, who is Japanse but grew up the states, and John Broman, was raised in
Japan. John calls my mom a banana because she's yellow on the outside but
white on the inside. He's an egg because he's white on the outside but
yellow on the inside.

Shannon and my mom being guest teachers at an English class at the small
Marumori elementary school. All the kids of families who serve with the
ministry attend here and study English, Japanese and Chinese.

First graders in a Chinese class. They were amazing. Here they're reading
Psalm 51 in Chinese.

Joshua Quinn interrupting Joy Broman as she tries to do her math in
Japanese. The kids learn to do math in all three languages.

Emma and her friend Judith, who became fast friends.


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