Friday, November 24, 2006

Making Friends in Hakuba

Hey, this is Shannon again--here's an update. Due to technical difficulties, it's a little belated.

On Nov. 22, we traveled the better part of the day up to Hakuba, where the conference is taking place. We took a train, which is kind of like our Metro, only quite a bit nicer. Now, the conference is almost over. I speak in about an hour to the women, using Carolyn’s teaching on orienting your life to your husband. I am excited, and the women have been very encouraging. Hakuba is nestled in the midst of some beautiful mountains that are really breathtaking. The hotel here is very nice, and is kind of like a Japanese-style Swiss chalet.
Here it is:
The conference has been great. I’ve gotten to meet and know several different Japanese women, and we have adopted a set of little Japanese girls as our little conference friends. I shall take a picture and try to post it later. The kids are enjoying themselves at the equivalent of our children’s ministry. The girls that run the kids program speak English very well and our host family, the Bromans, have 6 children—several adopted—and both Joshua Quinn and Emma have one of their children assigned to them. Jane serves Emma, and either Joy or Jason serves Joshua Quinn. They have made it so enjoyable for me, even sitting with them when they needed to nap and I needed to be elsewhere.

We will be heading out, after the conference ends today, to the Broman home in Sendai. It will be a 7 hour ride by car. We will stay there for 2 or 3 nights, and then we will take a bullet train back to Tokyo, where we spend the remainder of our trip.

Arrigato go saiee mas (spelling incorrect)




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