Friday, November 24, 2006

Last Day of the Conference

It's 10pm Friday night in Hakuba. I just finished my session on the unique sexual temptations that men and women face. The message is based on Proverbs 5. In it, I challenge men to delight in only one woman--their wife. And I show that the Bible calls women to use their God-given sexuality to delight and intoxify only one man--their husband. Afterwards my translator told me that this kind of message is unheard of in Japan. Right now Christians here really don't address the topic of sexuality openly. "You are very honest!" he said with a laugh.

One of the most meaningful moments for me came earlier today when a single woman and her brother who serve in their church came and told me how my books are being used by God. She said that she didn't know how to help the young women in her church deal with issues about relationships and sex. None of the books she had offer specific examples that her students could relate to. With her brother interpreting in broken english, she said that she wanted something that connected at a heart level with them. She began to cry as she recounted how God had used the books to help her counsel them and help them. This was such a deeply encouraging moment for me. It is so humblling to think that God would allow me to serve the believers in this nation in this way.

Shannon is under the weather, but she's doing such an amazing job reaching out to ladies and interacting with them. It's neat to see her talking to Japanese wives about roles in marriage and encouraging them with the truths she has learned. Tomorrow, she's going to share one of Carolyn's messages about how a wife can orient her life to her husband. They asked Shannon to share, and so she's beginning her talk by saying, "The best way I can serve you is to pass on what Carolyn Mahaney has taught me!" We're both hoping that, one day, Caorlyn's Feminine Appeal will be available in Japanese. There is such a need for it.

Tomorrow is the final day of this conference. After it ends, we'll drive 6 hours to Sendai with John Broman and his incredible family. We'll spend a few days with them before heading back down to Tokyo.

Thank you for your prayers!


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