Wednesday, November 29, 2006


We're back in Tokyo at the Mission Center where we stayed our first night when we arrived. We'll be staying here till we leave on Sunday.

Joshua Quinn is still sick. His fever came back strong yesterday before we took the bullet train from Sendai to Tokyo. Poor little guy. He threw up right as we got out of the car at the train station. He rested on my lap the whole time on the train. Right now he's resting. I keep telling him that lots of people around the world are praying for him to get better. Thank you all for your concern for him.

Today, when I woke up, my heart was restless for home. We've been so busy there hasn't been time to be homesick! But I began to think of the dear friends that we share life with at Covenant Life, and longed to see you. I also began to think of the many people who have helped to make this trip possible:

Mitzi Ash (Shannon's Mom): is taking care of our little Mary Kate so we can be here. We've gotten picture updates and news that two new teeth are coming in. Mitzi, thank you! Sorry you've had to carry "teething duty" on your own.

Katherine Reynolds: my assistant at church drove us to the airport in a van overflowing with luggage, and has posted all our updates on the blog. We're grateful for you, K!

Jeff Purswell: my fellow pastor and theological tutor seriously served me with the keynote message I gave here. I was stuck, and he helped me formulate my main points and clarify the message. Jeff, I received encouraging feedback on the message, thanks to you!

Kenneth Maresco: my executive pastor and friend was very generous and let me teach his message on parenting. I really haven't taught on parenting and so, because I knew I couldn't come up with something better, I just asked Kenneth if I could use his notes! I gave you credit Kenneth, so expect an invite to Japan real soon.

Scott and Marcia Somerville: you originally encouraged Hiro Inaba to look at my books. Thank you! And you were so gracious to spend an hour with me prepping me for the trip. The advice you gave made my messages so much more effective.

Bruce and Linda Benjamin: it was so kind of you to come to our home and talk about the trip with us. And thank you, Linda, for helping my grandmother wrap the gifts.

Carolyn Mahaney: has invested in Shannon so faithfully over the years. Shannon shared her message on wives orienting their lives to their husbands, and it greatly served the women. Carolyn, we're going to give your book to the folks here and encourage them to consider translating it into Japanese.

Covenant Life Members: thank you for praying for us on this trip, and sharing our excitement for it. Raul Pons constantly told me he was praying in the months leading up to the trip. Walbur and Miriam Marinho prayed for me and my migraines before I left. And thanks to the many who have read the blog and posted comments. We love getting to serve you!

Pastors and Wives: we are so grateful for you and for your willingness to release us to go on this trip. Grant, Kenneth and Corby in particular, thank you. I wouldn't have accepted this invitation if you hadn't had faith for it.

Brandy Hounihan: we miss you and hope you're doing okay holding down the fort! Thanks for helping with the kids in the week leading up to the trip.

If I've left anyone off, please forgive my oversight and please know how grateful we are for your friendship. We couldn't be here without the help of others.

Also, one more update. I just learned yesterday that, since last week, the registration for Saturday’s seminar here in Tokyo has climbed from 200 to 600! Praise God! Please pray that God will help me minister to the people who come, and to speak God’s word with clarity and boldness.

John 3:16 in Japanese


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