Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Blog Post from Emma

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome guest blogger Emma Grace Harris. The following are her own words, dictated to dad about our trip, along with photos that she chose to include...

Hello, everyone! Hey, guess what I got. I got a pair of clogs. But if you
want to say them right you can call them "getas." They are Japanese
traditional kind of shoe. There is a book called "A Pair of Red Clogs." It's
about a girl who gets a pair of clogs and makes a crack in one. She doesn't
like them as much anymore. So she gets them all dirty to try to trick her
mother so that her mother will get her a new pair. But her mother asks her
to wash them just in case the dirt might come off. So she washes them and, I
forgot to tell you, that her mother also asks her to dry them off by the
bath fire. So anyway she did all that, blah, blah, blah, you're probably
getting really tired of this story. It's a really nice story maybe you'll
want to check it out at the library.

Well, anyway, here is a picture of my clogs. That is to say "geta."

On Sunday when we were at the Bromans' we went to church after eating
breakfast. The church service was kind of interesting when we were doing the
songs. But after awhile I got a little bit tired of it.

Then we had lunch at the church. Then we went outside to play. Joshua, me
and Joy Broman. Here is a picture of me playing with a girl on the

We had storytime at their school later that day. The next day we went to
their school and watched what they were doing. Mostly they were doing
different languages. I couldn't understand a word they were saying. The
older kids mostly spoke in English.

We've been on a lot of trains. And the plane took a really long and
exhausting time.

After Hiro and John Broman were all gone. We had nobody to help us order
food if we wanted to go out for restaurant. So Grandma Sato started helping
us order food. This is a picture of us eating at one of the restaurants.

Here is a picture of the Lego house that I made. It took a long time.

Bye, everyone who is reading this! You won't have much time before you'll
see me so hurry and read this!


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