Monday, October 02, 2006

Follow Up on Piper/Driscoll

I didn't get to attend the final session of the conference because I was speaking at the local Sovereign Grace Church in Minneapolis. But I have heard that it was the best message of the conference. I'd love to have comments from those who were there.

And, in an expression of real humility, Piper acknowledged that he's not above his own version of cleverness. Van.Diesel posted the following comment that describes it:
i thought it was interesting that at the begining of piper's teaching at the last session of the conference, he referenced the point he had made to driscoll specifically regarding driscoll's cleverness in style and delivery. pastor john then shared something someone had pointed out to him after he encouraged driscoll on that point; piper's own cleverness rests in his ability to "do" theology. piper humbly conceded the point, and expressed his own desire to be relevant. i thought it very becoming of him.


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