Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Dynamic, Speaking Word of God

During my devotions today, I read this passage in J.I Packer’s book God Has Spoken. It filled me with fresh love for God’s word, and faith to preach His word. On this Lord’s Day, I hope this motivates you to take to heart and apply the word you heard preached today in your local church:

The “Word of the Lord” conveyed by the prophets in their oracles, and the “Word of God” set forth by the apostles in their sermons, was always a word applying directly to its hearers, summoning them to recognize that God Himself was thereby addressing them, calling on them to respond to His instruction and direction, and working in them through God’s own Spirit to evoke the response which it required (cf.1 Thess. 2:13). Similarly, the Bible as a whole, viewed from the standpoint of its contents, should be thought of, not statically, but dynamically; not merely as what God said long ago, but in general as what He says still; and not merely as what He says to men in general, but as what He says to each individual reader or hearer in particular. In other words, Holy Scripture should be thought of as God preaching—God preaching to me every time I read or hear any part of it—God the Father preaching God the Son in the power of God the Holy Spirit. God the Father is the giver of Holy Scripture; God the Son is the theme of Holy Scripture; and God the Spirit, as the Father’s appointed agent in witnessing to the Son, is the author, authenticator, and interpreter of Holy Scripture.

Doesn’t this truth excite you to study God’s word and hear it preached? God is speaking right now, today, through his word.


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