Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chatting with Hanna

Today I did an interview with a writer named Hanna Rosin who is working on a book about the homeschool college, Patrick Henry. She wanted to interview me because during her extensive time with students some of them mentioned reading my books on relationships. I guess she wanted to understand the whole courtship phenomena. She was a really nice lady. I've found that most journalists writing about the weirdness and backwardness of Christians are generally really nice people.

Last year she wrote a cover story for The New Yorker called God and Country . I also came across this video clip of Hanna being interviewed by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. I was surprised that it wasn't a complete homeschool bashing session. And I found it fascinating when Stewart talked about misconceptions New Yorkers can have about homeschoolers and vice versa. I think there's some truth in that.

P.S. - Regarding my previous post about the averageness of this blog...thanks for all the affirming comments, guys. Ya'll are the best. I especially liked the one about how I'd climb above "average" if I posted more than once every three weeks. Aha! So consistency is helpful? Thanks for the tip. Keep 'em coming. My brother Brett lovingly consoled me that the blog is actually above average but that's only because 10 billion myspace blogs have dragged the average so very low. I was slightly encouraged by this.


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