Sunday, September 17, 2006

An Average Blog

CJ Mahaney is one of my dearest friends and a man of great discernment. The following is a playful email exchange we had about my blog that I thought you’d find funny. It began when CJ commented on my twin brothers’ blog The Rebelution and their “ranking” of my blog.

CJ: Tell the twins that just when I didn’t think I could respect them more, Carolyn tells me that your blog isn’t listed in their Crème de le Crème list of recommended blogs. They are to be commended for not showing you favoritism and for demonstrating discernment. Your blog is average/good but certainly not crème de le crème.

Josh: No, I would never make their “crème de le crème” list. I’m not sure my blog even qualifies as average!

CJ: Your blog is definitely average.

Josh: Well at least I have a blog! You’re blogless which these days means “loser.” And shared blogs like T4G don’t count.

CJ: I’d rather be a loser than have an average blog.

I never win these kind of exchanges with CJ. He always gets the last word, and he always makes me laugh. And even when I do get a good jab in, he simply reminds me that he taught me everything I know.

All that being said, you all already know that this blog is definitely average—and that it often dips below that measurement. And this, of course, is an appropriate representation of its owner!

But, folks, things are changing. With the help of the Bono of bloggers, Tim Challies, I’m getting a total blog/website overhaul. This is the full facelift/lipo/tummy tuck/botox/pec implant package of blog plastic surgery. When you stink as a blogger you make up for your deficiencies with better design. (This is the principle I apply to my game of tennis.) So anyway, stay tuned for the new look.


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