Monday, August 21, 2006

New Music Alert: Leeland

For the past few months I've been wanting some fresh music. No offense to my man Matt Redman, but if one more band does a cover of Blessed Be Your Name I'm going to lose my mind.

Then today, I stumbled onto a brand new album by a band named Leeland.
Have ya'll already heard of these guys? Evidently they hit #1 on the iTunes inspirational chart.

I just downloaded their album and I'm in the middle (literally) of listening to it. So far I am very impressed.

Their sound is great. But even better, their lyrics seem to be God-exalting and continually draw your attention to our Savior's atoning work on the cross.

Here's their official promo site.

You can visit the more informative Leeland Myspace page.

If you know anything about them, please fill me in and share your thoughts. Anybody seen them in concert? And let me know what you think of the album.


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