Monday, August 28, 2006

Justin Taylor Owns the Internet

My friend Justin Taylor is officially the owner of the internet. Here's where you can catch him in action:

1. First, if you're a little behind, here's a more autobiographical interview Justin did with Adrian Warnock.

2. He's done an informative article on the emerging church for 9 Marks Ministry.

3. By the way, here are Justin's books (that he either wrote or edited).

4. You can read an interview series with Justin at the New Attitude blog:
• Part 1
• Part 2
• Part 3
• Part 4
5. If haven't already made it a bookmark, please repent and then visit Justin's blog Between Two Worlds.

6. It's also been recently revealed that Justin has personally written all the content on Wikipedia. Okay, that's a joke but the guy is prolific.
I thank God for Justin Taylor, his love for Jesus Christ and his keen mind that he's using for Kingdom purposes. He's a good man and I hope you'll join me in benefitting from his work.


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