Saturday, July 01, 2006

Vacation Brain, Rain and Vodcast

The Harris family has returned from our vacation. What a gift from God. I left the computer at home so there was no email or worry about work. We really had a wonderful, refreshing time together.

I'm still dealing with "vacation brain." The mind is not so sharp.

Yesterday I was supposed to be at Creation East, but the festival was cancelled because of all the rain. Speaking of rain, when it started falling in earnest on Sunday night, my gutters overflowed and rain poured into our basement. This was less than 24 hours after getting home from our vacation. Handling a flood with a mind of mush isn't very good. Fortunately my friends Joe and Andrew were over and helped me bail water from my window wells. It turned out to be a fun memory.

Totally unrelated...if you haven't stopped by the New Attitude site lately, take a look. Right now we're giving away the video of the first session of the conference, a message I gave called Humble Orthodoxy.


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