Saturday, May 06, 2006

This Just in: Davinci Code is Fiction!

Tomorrow our church has the privilege of hosting, Dr. Al Mohler. He's coming to give a message on the "controversy" surrounding Dan Brown's book The Davinci Code and the soon-to-be-released movie based on the best-selling book.

The other day I read a short interview with Tom Hanks about the movie. When asked about the controversy he made a statement emphasizing the fact that it was utter fiction. Of course this is obvious. But it also seems obvious to me that Mr. Hanks would probably never touch a movie based on a fictional story that so misrepresented and essentially slandered any other person or group. Would he star in a film that distorted history and facts to tell the story of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. or a well-known homosexual? Could he get away excusing it all as fiction?

But let's talk about the real problem with this movie: Tom Hank's hair. Seriously, this is something people are actually talking about. One news outlet reported:
There are worries in Hollywood that Tom Hanks' hair may be a buzz kill for 'The Da Vinci Code.'

Studio insiders are reportedly worried that the Oscar winner's strange looking "bowl cut" will put audiences off. Could it actually dissuade audiences from flocking to see Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's new $125 million blockbuster?

Hanks has gone for a radical "hair make-over" in an attempt to look like a historical academic. But the new look raised eyebrows when trailers for 'The Da Vinci Code' hit theaters recently. Not since his marathon running sequence in 'Forrest Gump' have his locks been so long and unkempt. Is it too unattractive, especially for young audiences?
A "buzz kill"! Pretty funny. I think someone should write a conspiracy theory book about what would possess a seemingly intelligent man like, Mr. Hanks to let them do that to his hair. Maybe God is orchestrating all this. We've been praying He would protect people from the inaccuracies of the film and so he worked out a big ole buzz kill—the ultimate bad hair day for poor Tom.

Alright, I'm venting a bit here. I know I'm supposed to be grateful for the opportunity the book and movie give to Christians to share our faith and defend the veracity of scripture and deity of Christ. And may God use us for this purpose! But honestly, I'm just so tired of the Davinci Code. I'm weary of the hubbub about it.

But in case you're not weary, here's a link to a HUGE COLLECTION of Davinci Code related articles and papers. If you haven't had enough, or if you've got a friend struggling with questions you're sure to find help here.

Here are a couple questions for you: Has this book and movie given you opportunities to share the gospel with anyone? And do you know anyone who has been unsettled by or convinced by the ideas in the Davinci Code? Also do you plan to see the movie yourself? Please feel free to comment.

Have a great day!


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