Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cinderella's Step Sister with the Fancy Coat

Okay, so you can tag this post as a little shameless bragging on my boy. But I'm not just sharing this because he got an answer right in Sunday school. I thought it was pretty funny. Janet, a dear lady in our church who was recently serving in Joshua Quinn's class emailed me the following:
Just wanted to let you know your son did a good job in assembly today. I began the time of drama with a little review and started by asking the question "Who knows who Joseph is?" One little girl raised her hand and said, "Joseph is one of Cinderella's step sisters" (I am not making this up). And you son said, "No, he is the one with the coat who gets thrown in a pit." I love this age group!
Evidently, there's a whole generation of Christian kids who have the wonderful world of Disney mixed in with their Bible knowledge. If you're looking for a good children's story Bible to read to your kids I really enjoy Catherine Vos's The Children's Story Bible.


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