Friday, March 31, 2006

Update on "The View"

I didn't get to see the show myself, but I've been told that the briefest of brief mentions was made of I Kissed Dating Goodbye by the guest host, Myrka Dellanos, who is evidently both an Emmy Award winning Latino journalist and a committed Christian.

In the comments section, Audra, wrote the following description of the segment:
The guest host very briefly mentioned reading the book, and not wanting to waste time by dating people she knows she would not want to potentially marry. Of course some comments were made, but they were comically made in effort to make her clarify her position. When asked what she is looking for in a husband, she mentioned the man must be a Christian, love God, herself, daughter, etc.
It's great to have a single mom like this take a stand. I hope God answers her prayers for a godly husband as she waits on him. God bless you, Myrka!

J-Lenoir blogs about the show here.

Well, that's done. There's very little chance that "The View" or any other daytime television show will be discussed here again.


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