Thursday, February 23, 2006

Squeaky Josh Strikes Again

I was in Family Christian Bookstore today and ran into a lady who attends our church. She told me she heard me on Focus on the Family. Evidently they are replaying the original "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" message. I had no idea they were playing it.

I haven't heard that particular message for a long time. I just remember that my voice sounds really squeaky and high-pitched in it. I sound like I'm twelve. Of course I've sounded twelve for a long time.

If you're interested here's the info on the broadcast.

And here's an interview that I did with Focus several years ago.

Since we're talking about Focus on the Family...check this out. My younger brothers, Alex and Brett, who head up The Rebelution just did an article for the webzine Boundless called "Addicted to Adultescence." I'm so proud of those boys!


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