Saturday, January 28, 2006

Wonderful, Imperfect Church

A letter detailing God's kindness in transforming one woman's perspective on the local church:

"I am a youth pastor's wife and a mother of 4 precious little girls and haven't read a book in it's entirety for...a long time :) So, when our head pastor distributed your book "Stop Dating the Church--Fall In Love with the Family of God" I looked at the title and was immediately interested.

In a nutshell...For the last 5 years the Lord has shown me that my heart was hard towards the family of God and the ministry as a whole. For me, it was a control thing. I wanted to do A, B and C and if God's plan didn't line up with mine, then the walls went up, excuses were made and reasons were conjured why I couldn't devote myself 100% to God's family and His ministry. While I was in my safe and controlled "shell" I watched as the faithful served. Strange thing is, they were happy. They weren't looking over their shoulder to see who noticed what THEY were doing. They served one another with joy and to the glory of God.

Through their faithful testimony, I have fallen in love with our church family. Now I can see why our wonderful and imperfect church is so key to my relationship with the Lord."

Thanks for sharing this, Jenny!


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