Friday, July 29, 2005

Answer on Searching for True Love

Michelle asked, "Is the "Searching For True Love" video series available in DVD? I'm a youth group leader from Newcastle, Australia and we would like to purchase the set to use in our youth group meetings later this term. We haven't been able to locate the items here. Thanks!"

Josh Answer: Michelle, I'm afraid the videos you're looking for (now titled "The I Kissed Dating Goodbye Video Series") are not available on DVD. I'm hoping that they will be but can't promise anything right now.

If you'd like to get them on video they're available as a 3-part set from Sovereign Grace for $28.

But I'm going to pass your email on to my publisher and plead with them to get them on DVD for you.

The Priority of Prayer

This past year our church had a special week of prayer. It was a chance for us to humble ourselves, acknowledge our need for God's help in every aspect of life and call out to him as a church family. Throughout the week we also had a special prayer room where people could dedicate an hour to prayer. The room contained seven "prayer points" that guided people to prepare their hearts, pray for the advance of the gospel around the world, to pray for our church, etc.

What you see pictured above is the "prayer wall" in the room that allowed people to post the names of unsaved friends. It was very moving to see all the names on the wall listing neighbors, brothers, mothers, husbands, co-workers.

I share this as an encouragement to pursue God in prayer. So often we carry our burdens, worry about the future and desire to see God act on our behalf, and yet we neglect to pray. If you're looking for some encouragement and provocation in the area of prayer we did a sermon series at our church called Praying the Savior's Way based on the Lord's prayer. You can download all the sermons for free or listen online.

Here's a great quote on prayer:

“The Muslims have some ninety-nine different names for God. Creator, Enricher, Watcher, Avenger—these different names will feature in a Muslim’s prayer. Not one of them is ‘Father’. But it would be impossible for a Christian to compile a list of even two or three names for God, without ‘Father’ being one of them. It is the name by which we know him best.

The implications of this for the prayer life are enormous. The person who, through faith in Christ, has entered “the family” of God no longer regards prayer as a means of twisting the arm of a reluctant deity, of squeezing favours out of a distant and all-powerful benefactor. As one of the old Bible commentators puts it, “What a distance between us in our helplessness and God in his glory, but ‘Father’ reaches all the way!’”
—Richard Bewes, Talking About Prayer

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Any Old School New Attitude Folks Out There?

My old friend Sheena posted a comment. It is a scary thing to have people who knew you in highschool!

Sheena, you asked about Trevor Massely. He was the perfect (imaginary) homeschooler that we wrote about. The hilarious thing is that a lot of people didn't get the joke and thought he was real.

So I'm curious, are there any New Attitude Magazine subscribers out there? A few months ago someone asked me about NA Magazine and so I pulled out all the old back issues and went through them. Wow. Talk about a flood of memories. I wish there were some way to do a big reunion party or something.

Anyway, I'd love to hear from old subscribers.

The picture is of me and Shan in Central Park last month.

Comments Back On

I decided to turn the "comments" feature back on for the blog. I turned them off a long time ago because we started getting some irate and angry posts. I don't mind people hating me really it's just that I can't take the time to answer them. So here's the policy: I won't be able to answer all comments. And, specifically, I won't try to engage in online debates. Thanks for your understanding! Comment away.

Introducing Jo and Katherine

Because I'm frequently falling behind in posting all the stuff I want to post here, I've enlisted the help of Jo Medler and Katherine Reynolds. Jo helps me answer all my email and Katherine is my assistant at Covenant Life. Jo will be posting different encouraging letters we receive and Katherine (or K as we like to call her) will post things related to the church and activities there. Thanks for your help, ladies!

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