Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #198

Pastor Raymond is a wonderful servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a Pastor, Ray is first and foremost dedicated to glorifying and exalting Christ Jesus as he expounds from His Word. His skills of Biblical exposition are indeed a gift from the Lord of which he has proven to be a faithful steward. His pastors heart is also very evident in his prayer life as it is an integral part of the life of the local body, as he leads by example and thus encourages many a heart in the same. The first time I spoke with him on the phone to find out more about the church we seemed to connect right away as we knew each other for some time. I would hope that all could get along with their pastor in like manner. Since then we have had hours of joyous fellowship via phone and personal visitation. Recently my wife and I had our third child and at the drop of a hat, upon hearing the news of the birth, brother Ray came and gave us a lengthy visit at the hospital. Considering the very busy schedule of a pastor this was indeed quite kind that he would take such time out of his busy hectic day to visit us. I give many thanks to God for all he has done for me and my family through Pastor Ray and look forward to the years ahead of blessing under his leadership and teaching. -Bob

Why I Love My Pastor #197

One thing that I love about my pastor is his openess to show his own weakness. He gives glory to God and shows it through his humility and openness. This always encourages and reminds me to keep my focus on God, and not on man. He is truly a living example of what it means to live Christlike. -Trish

Why I Love My Pastor #196

My Pastor is one the best people that I know. He is my hero in the faith and has seen me through some of the hardest things in my life. He is an avid reader of the Bible, a great preacher of the gospel, and is a great encouragement to me to keep walking for the Lord every day. I do not know where I would be without him. The best part about it is that he is my dad and I love him dearly. -Heath

Why I Love My Pastor #195

My pastor is really faithful and dedicated in the ministry and really has a servant's heart. We can see in his life what he preaches. He loves to plant churches. Actually we already have three daughter churches. That's how God works! Thank God for a gift of our pastor.

Why I Love My Pastor #194

I appreciate Pastor James because he's not afraid to tell you how it is, even when it might mean some hurt feelings. He's full of the Holy Spirit and not afraid to let others know it! His preaching is some of the best I've heard. I may only be 17, but I know a man of God when I see him, and Pastor James is DEFINITELY a man of God!
- Amanda

Why I Love My Pastor #193

I appreciate Pastor Dexter because of his servant's heart. As a small congregation, at this time we cannot afford to support him full-time so he has a full-time job in addition to his duties as Pastor. However, he never lets that get in the way of shepherding his flock. He uses almost all of his vacation and personal time from his other job to fulfill his responsibilities for the church (funerals, weddings, visiting the sick, etc.). While he may not keep regular "office hours," members know that whenever they need him, he'll be there... if there's a death, if there's an accident, if someone just needs to talk. The way he cares for his congregation follows the example of Christ. -Matt

Why I Love My Pastor #192

I wanted to have this book sent to my father to thank him for all that he is and all that he does. I am very proud of him for stepping out in his ministry even when I didnt want to. It has changed my life. Thank you so much for your faithfullness! I love you,dad. -your daughter-rena

Why I Love My Pastor #191

My Pastor is so passionate for souls, ever since his ministry he has been focused on taking the saving, healing and life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. He is such a kind and caring father as a shaphard cares for his sheep.

Why I Love My Pastor #190

I appreciate the awe inspiring spirit that Jesus, has placed in my Pastor Jose. Lately, he has had to confront the toughest situations he has ever had to confront in his life. With much fear of God and Spirit-led devotion he was able to demonstrate that he passed through the fire unscathed. God bless Pastor Jose and may the Lord continue to use him as a blessing to His people. -Hector

Why I Love My Pastor #189

I appreciate my pastor because he shows great leadership and is setting a great example for others. He is always looking for ways to point the congregation towards Christ so we can grow in our personal relationships and minster to others. He also is a great example of applying what he learns in God's Word and is teaching and leading us to do the same. He also uses every opportunity available to point us to Christ.. Every sermon (despite the topic) is about Christ and the congregation has grown tremendously for it. I really appreciate the direction the church is going in because of the way Christ is using him. Even the babies are paying attention to the sermon! - Chris

Why I Love My Pastor #188

There is man who never said I was too young when I eagerly wanted to serve, is never too busy for me to pop into his office just for a talk, and will always be an example of Jesus in my life. He is my pastor and I greatly appreciate him. - Kristin

Why I Love My Pastor #187

One of the reasons we appreciate Pastor Gregg is that he takes time to answer doctrinal, theological, and ethical questions. He has also faithfully served our congregation for over 20 years. In that time, he has repeatedly proven himself to be a man of character, purity, and integrity. -Jeremy and Rachel

Why I Love My Pastor #186

Our pastor is so dedicated in our church here. He is a man of prayer & he loves his ministry. I personally admire him for being a good loving pastor. His vision is so wide especially in our place. -Jun

Why I Love My Pastor #185

Father Phil is always enthusiastic about implementing improvements, and I think your book would make a huge positive effect on our church and help us to share the gospel more effectively. -Naomi

Why I Love My Pastor #184

I think my pastor should get this book because of all his hard work. Especially in the past few months. With a family of 12 children ranging from ages 26 years to 3 that deserves a lot of dedication and time! Plus a pastoring job and many surgeries on his hip. His sermons on Sunday are always filled with stories that keep small children and adults captivated. Including myself! I'd like to thank one of his daughters to. For being a wonderful Sunday school teacher to me for many months! -Claudia

Why I Love My Pastor #183

My pastor has, for the 4 years he's been here, been the most caring person that I've seen when it comes to people in general. He has such a heart to bring people not to CHURCH, but to CHRIST. But he wants them to grow in Christ by the help of a church that is a family. He is so open to new ideas and willing to exhaust all possibilities when it comes to reaching people for Christ. He never preaches on the side of the truth but always on top of it. My pastor IS one of my role models when it comes to obeying the Holy Spirit and walking the walk in every area of your life. He is such a great leader, not only in the Church, but in the office and to all the people that he encounters, and especially his own family. It is so impressive how he is able to care for all of the people in our city as much as he does and still keep his family at the top of the list. I love my pastor and pray for him daily. -Chad

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #182

Pastor Stephen makes no apologies for the Word of God -- there are no grey areas. He truly lives what he preaches, and his passion and desire after God's heart are evident. He inspires me onto a greater faith, a greater measure of devotion, and a greater love for Jesus. In a time when so many leaders have compromised, or lost the faith- his integrity earned my respect and my trust. I am so grateful to God for bringing him into our church, and our community. -Robyn

Why I Love My Pastor #181

Juanito the pastor in my church is like a shining sun beam, he has got a smile on his face all the time, I dont think I know what his face looks like with out a smile on it. He really lives out the verse in Philippians 4.4. 'Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!' He is the happiest man I know and that is just what the church needs. I am so thankful to God for leading me to this church and this good pastor. And the funniest thing is that this church is in Spain and Juanito is from Sweden and I am from Iceland. -Guðrún

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #180

My pastor sets an example of Jesus by his lifestyle as well as his preaching. He sees the best in everyone regardless of age, color, wealth, or personal opinions. He gives everyone the opportunity to grow and to develop in the Lord, constantly encouraging all of us to know the Lord more, to live a life that glorifies God. To run the race that’s set before us!! He is many of our biggest cheerleaders!! Never would you see him looking down on anyone. He truly loves all people and values them because he truly values the blood that Jesus shed for all mankind. I could go on and on about my pastor and his wife, they truly are Gods mighty Army!! -Kelly

Why I Love My Pastor #179

I really appreciate our youth pastor, Mike-not only because I am extremely biased(I am his wife),but also because of his sheer love and devotion to the kids and young adults at our church-and his total desire to see “that not one perish.” I have watched him pour over every new website or resource available to do what he can to serve God more deeply, and to serve each kid individually where they are at in their spiritual journey. I have watched him labor over every tough decision, and prayerfully meet each challenge on his knees before God. I have seen him cry out for this generation, and constantly (even from the first day of his own salvation),join in with the chorus from the book of Acts of “what can I do?” He challenges our kids to fall in love with God and to keep pressing further and further into an intimate relationship with their Savior, and to discover all that He has for them. I can think of no one I’d rather honor. -Katie

Why I Love My Pastor #178

I appricate Matt because he is real and open to advice. The other night I was able to confront him with some struggles I have with the church. He didn't preach at me but rather got along side me and treated me as he would a friend. These are qualities lacked by most people in leadership. Good on ya Matt.

Why I Love My Pastor #177

My pastor's name is Bob. I appreciate him not only because he is my dad, but because of his single-minded love for Jesus and for the truth which has kept him on the job through thick and thin. As a counselor, he excels because he listens a lot...and then points me right back to Jesus. He is not a trained speaker, but better: he speaks from the heart and from his own experience of learning how to live the Bible. He has a servant heart and doesn't mind helping parishoners with painting, moving, or whatever he can do. I think that most of all I value his faithful, daily prayers for me, for the whole church and for needy people around the world. -Elisabeth

Why I Love My Pastor #176

Pastor Jason has been a blessing to us all. Each and every week he is faithful to plan and organize our youth nights. With his glowing smile and catchy laugh, he meets us at our level and desires to build relationships with us. He continually works hard, learning more about God so that he can better help us. He gives so much of his time and energy to the ministry and is selfless. Pastor Jason is a very welcoming man, leaving the doors always open for those in need of wise counsel. Through his preaching, he desires to help us grow to new levels with God, to never be satisfied with where we are now. His undying faith in our youth group encourages us to become a generation that seeks God's face. Always wise, encouraging and praying for his youth group, we thank Pastor Jason so much. We're truly blessed to have a youth pastor like him. On behalf of our youth group, I would like to take
this time to say thank-you to Pastor Jason. He's been such a blessing and we
appreciate him so much. -Jean

Why I Love My Pastor #175

I appreciate my pastor because of the love of Christ so evident in his life. He came to my church 4 years ago, and has since been an "Apostle Paul" to me as if I were a "Timothy." He has counseled me, challenged me, encouraged me, and befriended me. He gives of himself for the cause of Christ. He has been one of my closest friends even though he is about 15 years older than I am. I am eternally grateful for my pastor. His discipling me has helped change me for the cause of the cross! -Brandon

Why I Love My Pastor #174

My pastor has been an integral part in my discovery of purpose for my life and my
spiritual growth. Ever since i came in contact with him and his ministry, i must confess that my life has changed and I thank God for that. His love, sincerity, integrity,loyalty, and clarity in the word of God has been a present thing in our ministry. -Sammy

Why I Love My Pastor #173

I've known Pastor Ross properly for at least nine years now. He's been a great influence in my life. He's been kind, generous and most importantly been patient with me over the years. From my early teens, Ross faithfully ministered the Word to me through the youth activities in the church. He challenged me not only to give my life to the Lord, but to be fully devoted to Him as well. I certainly wouldn't be where I am today in God without Ross. Thanks very much. - Jonathan

Why I Love My Pastor #172

Pasor Ross started a church 2 years ago. The Lord has bless the church in so many ways. Pastor Ross has a real heart for the lost and the hurting people in his community. Besides being a full-time pastor he has taken on a full-time teaching postion at a business college teaching english. He is also a wonderful husband to
his wife and 3 teens. He always trys and puts others needs first. We all appreciate his hard work. -Jordan

Why I Love My Pastor #171

Pastor, Chuck is someone that both young and old christians are able to talk to. He does what God's will is for him and his family. I thank God for sending him to us everyday. Summed up in a nut shell, he is one of the greatest guys that anyone could wish for. - Jordan

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