Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #170

My Pastor is a married man in his mid-thirtes. He is currently leading our youth congregation and has started this congregation from a few people to 8 years later of today, a congregation of over 700 people. He is a visionary man and constantly reminds me of how ordinary people like him could do great things for God. Thank God for such a wonderful pastor!!- Leslie

Why I Love My Pastor #169

I appreciate my Pastor because he is a man that truly cares for us. A man that rebukes you with love and humor without being judgmental. A man that is so approacheable that it doens't matter if you are 12 or 30, married or single, man or woman, christian, or non christian, you can still find a father and a friend in him.
He is a man that backs up everything he says with the Bible. - Lenny

Why I Love My Pastor #168

I want to get this book for the pastor of my church because our pastor is my dad (Jim). He does such a wonderful job! Our church is very small so he also is a carpenter, his life gets hectic sometimes having to juggle two jobs but he does it wonderfully! He sets such a godly example for my sister, myself, my mom, and the rest of our church.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #167

My name is Mark and I am sending for the free book for my pastor. His name is Ken. He and his family are excellent role models for our church. Ken has maintained an excellent witness throughout his life and is a great husband and father. He leads his family and our church to lead Holy lives in order to be effective for Jesus Christ.

Why I Love My Pastor #166

I just wanted to say that Todd is an awesome youth pastor. It's great to see the many gifts God has given him to teach us. He has a great sense of humor and I love spending time with him. He's really encouraging and he always believes in me. I am so thankful for all he does and I am glad he's my pastor. - Jessie

Why I Love My Pastor #165

"Pastor John is a great pastor because he gives wonderful, relevant and easy-to-understand sermons. I have learned so much through his messages. Pastor John is a godly man of excellent character, and also very humble. He also has a wonderful and supportive family that helped him to build our church. Pastor John believes in giving and I have had the privilege to serve alongside him in helping to serve food to the homeless and giving toys to lower-income families and their children during the holidays. The purpose of our church is to help people connect with God and each other and through Pastor John's leadership I have been able to do this. We are truly blessed to have Pastor John as our pastor." - Nancy

My name is Ed. I'm the Senior Pastor of a 1000-member-church in Wisconsin. I've been Senior Pastor for 4 years. Well, Senior Pastor in name only, really, since there were no other pastors on staff. That is, until this last summer, when Pastor Jim was ordained and installed as Associate Pastor. Its kind of weird, I'm 39 and the Senior Pastor, he's 48 and the Associate Pastor. He's also my pastor. It may be strange to hear a pastor say he has a pastor, but pastors need pastors, too! He's been a tremendous gift of God to me and all of our church. This past Christmas I had back surgery and he had to do all the pastor-stuff on his own. During my recovery I read "Stop Dating the Church" and was so inspired by it, that I wanted to share it with everyone. When I got back, I handed him my copy of the book. But an hour later, I grabbed it back because I decided to use it as a resource for my Sunday morning Bible Study on Ephesians. I think it is a truthful statement to say that I wouldn't be the pastor I am today without Pastor Jim here to be my pastor as well as brother.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #163

I suppose my perspective on our pastor will be a little different - since he's my dad! :) One of the main things I have appreciated is the experience of growing up in a home where we're taught to serve in our local church. Dad has given me many opportunities to use my talents - through music, teaching, working with younger ones, and so on. I also like the way Dad can take over in a chaotic situation (when the power point slides quit working, the special music person loses their tape, or the praise leader gets sick) and quickly make it organized! :) He can keep a conversation going with someone when I would have run out of words long ago and knows how to show interest in the topics that are important to them. Anyway, I'm thankful for the pastor - and dad! - that God gave me. :) -Danae

Why I Love My Pastor #162

Pastor Rick is our church's youth pastor. Our Pastor resigned last December. All of this past year, Pastor Rick has went over and above to fill in for all the NEEDS of our church. He is a great support to our family and loves us. Thank you, Pastor Rick. -Teena

Why I Love My Pastor #161

Pastor Bob is an amazing man of God. He served, loved, gave, and then did it again. He loves people and always gives his best to bring them either to the Lord or closer to the Lord. He will drive 4 hrs away to the hospital if anyone in the town not just the congregation, is there. I know of at least four people whom he has gone and chopped firewood for but most likely there are even more than that. He is involved in everything within that church, Awana, Sunday School, Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night services. He never takes breaks. He has two weeks off in the summer and that is all. All the children within the church like him, because he is trustworthy, fun and he high-fives them all! He sacrifices his life, all in the name of the Lord. He is a good man. - Crystal

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #160

Pastor Detlef is a wonderful man that serves God with his gifts and invests much energy into God's kingdom. He's a real shepherd and leads the "sheep" setting a good example. I see him as a spiritual father and a person that is interested in each individual. I thank God for the privilege to know Detlef. -Tobias

Why I Love My Pastor #159

I love Ricardo because of his courage and love for the youth group lives. Our church had some problems, and we had no youth pastor anymore, but in that time Ricardo was the worhip leader at the church, and still is. A great worship leader. Ricko(is nick name) decided to take care of our group. He has been a man of God in our lives, and I found a closer friend in my life, I can talk everything with him, about my struggles, passions, sins... an open book. He is an example to our lives of God´s kindness to us! -Guilherme

Why I Love My Pastor #158

My pastor is the one who encourages me to be faithful in my service to God...and he's a kind of pastor who really has this burden for the youth...and if you will just be here in our country..the church's attendance are mostly consists of youth, and our pastor really love the youth...Malen

Why I Love My Pastor #157

Pastor Derek has been a source of constant encouragement and a faithful leader to my family and I for the past six months. He consistantly points us to Jesus in every sermon, and remains unshakingly faithful to the word of God in everything he says. He leads and teaches his flock with a loving, Christ-like manner, radiating humility and always installing in us a deeper desire to further our relationship with our Lord. -Renee

Why I Love My Pastor #156

Pastor Joe knows how to keep his congregation awake. It is like he is on fire when he preaches. One is never bored and is always learning something new. I have been attending his church for about 9 years and I have learned so much more from him than from anybody else. If I ever move from this area I will miss being able to go to church and listen to Pastor Joe. God has greatly blessed him. -Cecilia

Why I Love My Pastor #155

I love my pastor because he loves me enough to ask me the tough questions. Pastor Alex knows my name, and notices if I'm not there. There are 150 youth in the young adult department, and it's the same for each one of us. He knows each of us by name, what we do, and always has time for every single one of us. Pastor Alex takes a stand for purity. He fights for us, he loves us, he spends time with us, encourages us, and he's 100% genuine - 100% of the time. - Melina

Why I Love My Pastor #154

My minister is also my father so I would say that I love him because I truly know who he is. I see him struggle and I see him prevail and through it all I see the character that he upholds. He is always willing to help others without worrying if they will 'come to our church'. He is always open to suggestion from those under his pastorial supervison and, most importantly, God. He's not set in 'how things should be'. He's willing to do what God wants and allow anything, from a service to his life, to change and move as God sees fit. He refuses to play the "And how many people attend your church?" game, focusing instead on helping others through the 'ruts' in their life -no matter which fellowship they decide to attend in the end. -Valarie

Why I Love My Pastor #153

Pastor Nathan has been a blessing in the lives of every person he meets. With his kind demeanor, and wlecoming attitude, he makes it very easy to invite people to attend our Sunday service. He does not boast of our church or his success, but keeps his spirit humble, always recognizing that all blessings come from our Lord. He holds such passion for God, that it seems to drip from his tongue during Sunday morning sermons, and his fervor is so great that even I, a young college student, will barely notice lunch time pass as I listen engaged at how the Spirit moves through him (even if his word for us hold uncomfortable conviction, which only seems to motive him further). He doesn't see a church before him in every pew, he sees a family reunion; and with this way of living, even those from far away feel at home in our congregation. -Caitlin

Why I Love My Pastor #152

I appreciate Pastor David because I see in him a passion for the bride of Christ, the church. He has demonstrated a unique understanding of God’s design and function of the body of Christ, and taught me much about how to shepherd the flock of God with the skill of our hands and the integrity of our hearts. Last year, Pastor David preached a message entitled “Why join a church.” God used this message in a powerful way to help me understand the importance for young single college students to be committed, active, and passionate about joining the family of God. Pastor David’s entire family are all actively involved in the church. His personal life validates the message he espouses. I appreciate Pastor David’s pursuit of Holiness in all of his conduct and the clear example of a mature believer he’s been for my wife and I. But most importantly, I appreciate the way Pastor David preaches the Word of God. His preaching is true, clear, and passionate. His ministry is marked with integrity. His life is God honoring, Christ exalting, and Cross entered. His is a great pastor. -Tommy

Why I Love My Pastor #151

I appreciate my pastors because they are a team. Both Tom and Adey preach and allow us to get a glimpse of their daily lives. They are honest, they don't beat around the bush, and they ask the hard questions we need to think about. I leave feeling refreshed after seeing them so vulnerable and being able to come broken, needing healing, and not having to put up a front. They are available to meet outside of church, which I did a while ago, and I have to say it was the most positive experience I've had meeting with a church leader. This interaction with Adey was so encouraging, I left validated, prayed for, and understood. I appreciate their vision of including the arts in our church and in starting a college ministry. I am blessed to have a picture of healthy church leaders like them in front of me. -Steph

Why I Love My Pastor #150

Most pastors who have endured what my pastor has endured would have quit a long time ago! I admire his faithfulness to the Lord’s calling on his life and the love and commitment he has for the people of his church. He doesn’t take into consideration the fact that he isn’t paid a regular salary and has to have his own lawn business to support his large family( 8 children). He knows he is in the center of God’s will. In his first three years of pastoring, he endured a church split. This left very few people committed to the Lord, but God has shown himself strong and reaffirmed his calling on my pastor’s life many times. He took the church through the refiner’s fire and continues to mold as the “faithful few” to His purposes for our body of believers. The main reason I love my pastor? He’s my dad. -J

Why I Love My Pastor #149

I appreciate my pastor because he constantly seeks to know more about God and to draw all of us closer. Our church has been through some rough spots but he is there for you through it all. His main desire is that our church be grounded in the truth.

Why I Love My Pastor #148

For those of us who are young and single and have to battle lust on a daily basis it sure helps our spiritual confidence to hear of people who've been there and by God's Grace are winning the fight. I've only been attended church for a year now but every service brings a new dimension of color to my spiritual experience. I'm forever grateful to God for giving me a job in this city that has allowed me to stay in it and hear the hard hitting truth about being single and staying pure. Pastor only heaven will tell how many singles lives were affected by your uncompromising stand on sexual purity.. Keep the candle burning. -Jonathan

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #147

Neil would have to be the most hardworking person I have ever met. He goes out of his way to follow up on people whom he knows may be disagreeing with him. It takes a lot of courage to do that.I know of several people whom God has used Neil to get alongside them and bring them to faith in Jesus. He is the type of person who asks:
"How is your spiritual life?" and gets down to what really matters. The best thing about Neil would be his commitment to the Bible and the truth of the Gospel. He is courageous and passionate about getting people to hear the Gospel in the first place as well as getting them to grow and know God and his word more and more. Neil is also humble and easy to work with. He's approachable and up front. He is the kind of person you can ask for an opinion and know you will get an honest answer. -Liz

Why I Love My Pastor #146

I appreciate my Pastor first and foremost because he is an anointed man of God. My pastor has been in the ministry for a while now and about five years ago God called him to start his own church. He followed the voice of God and through his ministry he has blessed the church and community greatly. He continuously gives to anyone that is in need. I have seen my Pastor grow spiritually over the past couple of years. Being under the guidance of my pastor, I have realized the calling on my life
and have begun to walk in that calling. I truly feel that if I was not at this church and he was not my pastor, I might not be where I am today. I thank the Lord for allowing this man to pastor such a wonderful church. -Latoya

Why I Love My Pastor #145

My youth pastor is a man of God who has a heart for others, and a true desire to please God. He followed the Lord’s leading to my church and filled the position of youth pastor a little over a year ago. God has given him a desire to do everything his hands find to do with all of his heart. This desire is seen in youth activities, teaching, and through all the time he puts into organizing. He faithfully serves the youth group week after week, and shares the passion he has for Christ with the rest of us. I am thankful to the Lord for leading Steve to my church and into my life.

Why I Love My Pastor #144

When I was ready to "check out of church" my current pastor (who was not my pastor at the time) sought me out, encouraged me, prayed for me, talked with me. He and his wife open their home each week after church for people to come and be accepted and fellowship. He shows the love of Jesus to the people all around him. He's not afraid to speak the truth yet he speaks it in love and he shares the gospel that this world so desperately needs to hear.-Debbie

Friday, January 07, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #143

I would like to Bless my Pastor for his enduring commitment to the Kingdom of God. Eleven years ago, he heard from God, and moved from North Carolina to California. The calling on His life, placed by God, was to minister to the homeless in San Francisco. A young man in his twenties, he obeyed the voice of the Lord, and his life would be changed forever. Eleven years later, my Pastor, Steve, struggles daily with his ministry. While never doubting the hand of God apon his life, Steve ministers to a congrigation, that have problems many of us only read about. Pastor Steve delivers the Word of the Lord faithfully to God's children. The Lord has used Pastor Steve and his family to show me and many others, what true compassion looks like. God doesn't care what problems people have, He's bigger than that. There are many difficulties that come with an Inner-city ministry. It is a ministry that many people would prefer to not to be called. Pastor Steve is faithful, and his light shines daily. -Dawn

Why I Love My Pastor #142

I have been attending my church now for about 15 years, and I can truly say that I have been spiritually fed and blessed countless times, over and over again. C.C. in his humbleness to serve, has been a spiritual guide and encouragement to me over the years, not only as a pastor, but I am also blessed because he is my grandfather. His pure love and compassion to help others and pour out the Gospel of Christ to the community is truly an example of “laying down our life” and has enabled our church to grow in unity. His gift of speaking and in-depth teaching of the Word has been tremendous over the years and we always learn something new. Even when he comes to visit, I can count on him for a wise thought, a prayer, a verse, or companionship. Pastor and also Grandpa C.C. is someone I admire and will cherish forever. -Becky

Why I Love My Pastor #141

Pastor Femi has never cease to amaze me with his integrity and style of leadership. To me he is the kind of person every Pastor and church leader should emulate. He has always been able to make himself very "visible" to the congregation by not taking glory in the position he has found himself by being the Pastor that almost everyone can approach and at the same time remain "invisible" by not trying to take the place of God in the life of his congregation. Because of his leadership style, i often times refer to my church as a kind of "Boot Camp" where everyone has the opportunity of experiencing God on the first-hand basis. So when you next want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the Biblical truth, Pastor Femi is the man. -Oluwole

Why I Love My Pastor #140

I appreciate my pastor because he is really working hard to fulfill his duty as a pastor and an overseer of our churches here. He does his best to teach the word of God to our brethren and make them understand. Also, one of the things i really like about him is that he is very approachable. That's why he has a good relationship with the church people. God Bless our pastor! -Jason

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #139

I think with any pastor or man of God there are many reasons to appreciate them and the same goes for my pastor. The reason that I am going to talk about is his connection and love for the youth to do well and go far in God's calling. I remember the first youth meeting I went to the pastor was also there hanging out with the youth forming a connection with us. Because he took the time and made an effort to get to know us we have been able to come to him and his wife with many questions, which are answered with scriptures and in a way that a youth can grasp the point. A few youth in the church have lost parents not being one of them I can't understand that loss but I remember seeing how involved my pastor was and how much hope he offered the youth who had lost their parents he and his family offered to show them the light of Jesus through a very big time of darkness. My pastor and his family are like an adopted second family to me. I am thankful that God blessed me with such a family to look up too. -Kymberleigh

Why I Love My Pastor #138

Two years ago, not long after a life-threatening battle with cancer, Pastor Glenn and his wife left a comfortable, "safe" position at a large congregation to lead a church plant, driven by the call to "kick a dent in history for God", as he puts it. As I have watched Pastor Glenn, I'm repeatedly struck by his humility and commitment to the cause of Christ. His faith in God's call on his life has never wavered, even in the midst of the myriad challenges of a young church.

The "official" purpose of our church is "to introduce people to the life-changing power of Jesus Christ, and to invite them and help them to become fully devoted followers", and Pastor Glenn expects us all to know those words by heart (not by head) and to live them every day. He frequently says, "We're not here to do church - we're here to worship. When we leave here and interact with the world around us, that's when we do church! The church is what we take with us into the world!" I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing adventure God is taking us on under Pastor Glenn's godly leadership. -Ruth

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #137

I have always had a good relationship with the Lord and have been following Him for 6 amazing years. However, in this past year, the Lord placed a new youth pastor in charge. During this time, Matt has been such a great influence to not only my life, but many of my peers as well. I've noticed the maturity in the obedience to our serving the Lord during Matt's leadership. He encourages every time he has an opporutunity to and challenges us to dig deeper and take a stand for our beliefs in a world where many people compromise the Lord's plan for our lives. Matt is such an
important part of our church and is a huge impact to many lives in our youth group; I'm grateful for having him in my life and helping me through encouragement and his awesome model of how to live to lead me in this next chapter of my life. - Barret

Why I Love My Pastor #136

The first time I visited youth group, I felt extremely uncomfortable and out of place. I knew only one person, and I felt out of place during game time, and I didn't think much of the group discussion after the worship service either. In fact, I had determined that this would be my first and last visit... but as I stepped towards the door, I heard a voice say "Hi. I don't think we've met. Have you been here before?" I turned around to encounter an outstretched hand and smiling face. I tentatively accepted the handshake.
"I'm Kris. Are you new here?" he inquired. I explained this was my first visit, and Kris encouraged me to come again. "I've promised the kids if they'll bring their friends and get attendance up, I'll dye my hair." he said with a grin.
"Hot pink maybe?" I asked
"Well, that's already been done." he replied with a grin.
I've been going to youth group for about a year now. Kris is our Sunday School teacher. He and his wife Jess are great leaders in the church- friendly, caring people, godly examples, and good friends. I am so thankful that God has allowed Kris to be a part of our youth group and community. He is truly a blessing. - Janelle

Why I Love My Pastor #135

My pastor is Brother Billy. He is amazing to me because of the repair that God has brought to our church through him. Our church has had some problems in the past, but he has not allowed to continue. He is slowly losing his hearing, yet he can still hear God. He is a good and caring man, not given to favoritism. Bro. Bill has encouraged my husband and I to become more involved in the church. Bro. Bill may be losing his hearing, but I believe that God still has a direct line with him.

Why I Love My Pastor #134

I appreciate my Pastor Kenny very much. Though our church is on the small side, he is always looking for ways to unite us as brothers and sisters in the family of Christ. My pastor is caring, fully committed to God, and completely loves our congregation. He wants us to serve God with all of our hearts, and is always encouraging us to try new things, thoughts, and ideas. He is firm, and stands concrete on what he believes in. He always depends on God in every aspect of his life. -Sarah

Why I Love My Pastor #133

Pastor Ken is genuinely incredible. This man of God is not only our leader by teaching us the Word on Sunday mornings, but he exhibits true leadership by his willingness to serve and carry out the menial tasks around the church, like picking up garbage in the church parking lot. Despite the hectic busyness, Ken makes time to stop and say “hi” before the service begins to people in the congregation, of all different ages. His quick pat on the back or shake of the hand authentically feels like a tender touch of God. He’s never to swamped to lend an ear, and Ken’s honest enough to admit when he doesn’t have an answer for people, but even then he tries to the best of his ability to seek out an answer from outside resources. He takes time to not only counsel people but also build relationships with members of his congregation with his presence at care-free, fun events. This all may seem customary of a pastor, but often if these things actually are carried out they can become time-consuming duties, however to my precious Pastor Ken they are done out of love and joy. I love my Pastor Ken. -Miki

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