Monday, November 28, 2005

Elisabeth Elliot

In my sermon on Sunday I quoted Elisabeth Elliot, from a letter to her nephew Pete:
“The world cries for men who are strong—strong in conviction, strong to lead, to stand, to suffer. I pray that you will be that kind of man—glad that God made you a man, glad to shoulder the burden of manliness in a time when to do so will often bring contempt.”—Mark of a Man

I was asking married men in our church to take it upon themselves to invest in relationships with single men and in doing so to provoke single men to prepare for and pursue marriage.

But back to Elisabeth Elliot...I'm so grateful for this lady. I can still remember the day I got her endorsement for my first book in the mail. She had typed it on a little post card and signed it. I still have that card taped in an old journal. I couldn't believe she had bothered to read my manuscript. Years later I met her, then had the privilege of writing the foreword for Passion and Purity—a book God used in my own life in a very powerful way. (I highly recommend her many books.)

In recent months I've heard that her health is failing. What a gift she has been to the body of Christ! What a champion for biblical masculinity and femininity. Here's another quote, this one for the ladies:
“A real woman understands that man was created to be the initiator, and she operates on that premise. This is primarily a matter of attitude. I am convinced that the woman who understands and accepts with gladness the difference between masculine and feminine will be, without pretense or self-consciousness, womanly.”—Let Me Be a Woman

Mrs. Elliot, thank you for loving the Savior so faithfully all these years. I thank God for you.


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