Saturday, October 22, 2005

Not About Willpower

The following is a reader's response to the book "Sex is Not the Problem (Lust is)"...


Your book is a great blessing to me. I've struggled with lust all my lifeā€”even before my preteen years and even into my marriage of almost eight years.

I had already started making some of the changes you and other authors mentioned before ever reading them. That felt like confirmation of some sort. Yet, something still wasn't right. But when I reached the end of your book, I found help with one issue that I totally missed altogether. The "lust" problem isn't really about lust in the end. The problem of sin points back to our closeness with God and our realization of Christ's love for us through the cross.

The one change I hadn't made was establishing consistency with enjoying God's presence. I haven't made that a priority in my life. That, perhaps, is the true sin that I've committed all along. Since reading your book, I've noticed that when I do stay in God's presence with worship, study, and prayer, my problems with lust aren't so tough. But, when I become negligent and inconsistent, I have no strength. My willpower crumbles and sometimes I don't even want to call to God for help!

It's not about do's and don'ts, it's not about willpower and self-righteousness. But, this is about giving in to His will with His help and power. It's about falling in love with Him and then falling in love with His ways as a result. Then, we live out His ways and experience the true joys of life. But, Satan's continual lie is that sin would give us better than what God promised without the wait or obedience.

You helped me see that. Somehow, that makes the struggle worthwhile and winnable. Along with making a commitment to guarding myself against any hint of impurity, I'm making a new commitment to anchor my hope in God. I'll do this by sowing seeds into a deeper relationship with Him.

Thanks so much for your invaluable help,



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