Friday, October 14, 2005

Listening in London

Here's another encouraging letter:

To the pastors of Covenant Life Church,
Hello. My name is Jonny and I live in London, England. I just wanted to take the opportunity to write a letter of thanks to the pastors of covenant life church whose preaches i have listened to over the past few weeks, after downloading them from the website.

In particular the fine teaching by CJ Mahaney and Joshua Harris has grown me in my walk with God in countless ways and I find myself listening to their preaches more than once knowing that they are so packed full of worthwhile lessons that i'm sure i didnt pick it all up the first time around. I also heard CJ preach several times at the New Frontiers Leaders Conference in Brighton in July and he was as hilarious as he was heart breakingly sincere. His passion and intimacy with God was truely inspiring and his preaching to the leaders of New Frontiers was a great blessing.

Anyway I'm not sure how best to convey my gratitude via an email. But I just wanted to say that the extent and work of God in your church has greater ripples around the world than you will ever know. The lessons i learn listening to your preaches encourage and equip me to do my part to help build my local church here in London. (please don't think that i lead a church!- just realised how that could sound, i am just an active member of the congregation and lead a 'life group' - our small groups Anyway i just wanted to give thanks where thanks is due. God bless, Jonny


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