Friday, October 21, 2005

I Stink at Evangelism

I preached a message on evangelism this past Sunday. This is funny to me because I am the world's worst personal evangelist. But now I realize that my ministry to the Body of Christ on this subject is to boost people's confidence by giving them the chance to compare themselves to me.

But seriously I did share several examples of doing evangelism wrong. And though I have more horror stories than anything else, I really do want to grow both in my zeal and my effectiveness in reaching lost people. The book pictured here is one that has helped me. It's called "Questioning Evangelism" by Randy Newman. The premise is that it is wiser to ask questions than unload answers. Skillfull thoughtful questions can draw out the heart of the person we're talking to and disarm their antagonism. He gives many examples of these kind of questions. I recommend the book.

You can listen to my message on 2 Corinthians 5:20 here. Then feel free to share your own stories of sharing the gospel. What is your evangelism strategy? How is God using you as an ambassador?


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