Friday, October 14, 2005

Get Married or Get Divorced

Josh recently received this letter from a pastor...

Dear Josh,
I am a pastor of a small church. This past Saturday one of my families came to our work day (they had to drive 45 miles to get there) and they were the first people there. I asked why she came so early. She told me that she just finished reading a book and that she and her husband were so offended by the book that they either had to "marry" and move in with their commitment or get a "divorce" from the church. They chose to marry it. They are even planning on selling their home on the river and moving closer to the church so they can be even more involved.

Today she brought me a new copy of your book["Stop Dating the Church."]. As a pastor I have never read anything more appropriate than the first 18 pages. I had to stop and write to you about your words of encouragement and challenge to the people of God. That includes me. Though offended would not be the best word for me, I can certainly use convicted or challenged or motivated. I am going to use some of your words from your book on Sunday but will give certainly give you credit for your words. I am also going to get copies of this book for my young peoples (ages 21-35) Sunday School group and start a covenant group on a week night using this as a focal point. Thank you for your wisdom. Because of Christ,
—Rev. K.M.


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