Friday, September 30, 2005

Sara Groves/Crowder Chowder

Shannon and I are big fans of Sara Groves. I'm listening to the new single from her forthcoming album. The single is called "You are the Sun." I bought it off iTunes. She's uses the imagery of God being the sun. We're the cold dead moon that only has light when it reflects the sun's rays.

Her website lets you listen to her music, read interviews, etc. Do yourself a favor and go buy any of her three albums.

I also just bought David Crowder's new album COLLISION. It is so good. This guy has really grown on me. I have an iMix on my iPod (gosh, that sounds cheesy) called Crowder Chowder with three of his albums. I was getting tired of hearing ten different versions (live, remixed, remixed live, not live, not remixed, live in front of my aunt carla) of the song "No One Like You" so it's great to have them release a new record.


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