Saturday, September 17, 2005

Josh on Fox News Radio: Update

As I posted a few weeks ago (before Joshua and I both took off for vacation) , Josh was on Fox News Radio's Alan Colmes Show. My (unbiased?) opinion is that he brought much glory to God, speaking relevant and uncompromising biblical truth throughout the program. Good job, Josh!Below, I'm posting a couple of the encouraging notes Josh got following the show.


Hey, this is Dave and Laurie. We listened to your interview on the Alan Colmes show tonight and wanted to take the time to encourage you. We are big talk radio fans and are familiar with how Alan can stifle and spin conversations. The Lord definitely blessed you tonight on his show because your message came through loud and clear! Laurie felt as though the Word was getting out there, that we were behind you, and that the gospel was preached for all to hear. I felt you only confirmed and clarified further what we've known to be true in Scripture and our own lives. The theme of his show tonight seemed to be to make Christians out to be crazy and irrational, but you demonstrated exactly the opposite. The Lord was with you tonight, have no doubt about it.
God bless, brother!
Dave and Laurie

Hi Josh,
I heard your interview on Alan Colmes show. Thank you so much for taking a stand for righteousness even in places that are hostile to God and His truth. God blessed you with favor! It seemed that you were one of the few that Mr. Colmes gave adequate time to finish your answer. I really sensed God’s pleasure as you shared the truth clearly and did so with humility and wisdom.

Paul and I are both grateful recipients of the truths of God’s Word that you teach in your books! How helpful it was in courtship and engagement to be able to review your books—which leads us back to Scripture—to help keep focused on how to please God and sincerely love the other person. How sweet was our wedding day and what joy we experience in marriage as a result!

As much as I appreciate how you step out to speak the truth from God’s Word to many audiences, I’m even more grateful that your life, and Shannon’s too, bears witness to the gospel message. Thank you both for your humility in sharing your lives openly so that others may identify, and God-willing be open to the gospel message! Thank you and Shannon for how you sacrifice and serve God’s people on a daily basis!


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