Saturday, September 17, 2005

"Happy Translated Book Day"

Here's an exciting letter we just received:

Dear brother Josh:

I have just, by the Lord's grace, finished translating to Arabic your book Not Even a Hint [a.k.a. Sex Is Not The Problem (Lust Is) ]. I was able to praise the Lord with my wife and celebrate "Happy Translated Book Day"!

I am a Lebanese ordained pastor who holds an M Div from Luther-Rice Seminary and an MS in Biology from Honolulu University. I appreciate a lot dear brother what you have written. I gained from your book plenty of insight for my own life and for my ministry.

My deep conviction that this book is much needed in the Arab world led me to take the initiative and write a "Translator's Preface" in which I evaluate the content of the book very briefly. Don't worry dear brother, for all the issues I raised are positive and edifying!

I consider you now my dear friend and brother in the Lord. I'd appreciate if we can communicate together for our mutual edification and encouragement. Warm greetings to your dear wife Shannon and to your sweet children who are introduced in the book.

In His Service
Rev. Michel


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