Friday, September 30, 2005

Sara Groves/Crowder Chowder

Shannon and I are big fans of Sara Groves. I'm listening to the new single from her forthcoming album. The single is called "You are the Sun." I bought it off iTunes. She's uses the imagery of God being the sun. We're the cold dead moon that only has light when it reflects the sun's rays.

Her website lets you listen to her music, read interviews, etc. Do yourself a favor and go buy any of her three albums.

I also just bought David Crowder's new album COLLISION. It is so good. This guy has really grown on me. I have an iMix on my iPod (gosh, that sounds cheesy) called Crowder Chowder with three of his albums. I was getting tired of hearing ten different versions (live, remixed, remixed live, not live, not remixed, live in front of my aunt carla) of the song "No One Like You" so it's great to have them release a new record.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A comment on a comment

Below is a comment posted a few weeks ago:

"I've been with my bf for about 4 years and the past 2 years I have had this feeling that maybe I shouldn't be with him. Everytime I heard a sermon on listening to the holy spirit or one on relationships I would get this feeling in my stomach that was not good. I mean we both love God and have a deep personal relationship with Him. We have God as the foundation of our relationship. We encourage eachother with God's word when needed. It's a wonderful relationship. We get along so well and it feels like we are perfect for eachother. We both want to be married, but have to wait about 3 years because we want to wait until we are out of college. But this feeling inside of me bugs me and I prayed and felt like God had led me to break up with him. So I did, even though I didn't want to and can't find a reason why I did, besides this feeling I would get in my gut that I should. I read in your book "Boy Meets Girl" that if you both want to get married then its ok, not to over spiritualize things. Did I do the right thing by breaking things off by going by that feeling, because everything in me wants to be with him and wants to be married to him. Shouldn't I have a peace after breaking up with him if it was from God? Since I broke it off, I have felt sick and have had a huge know in my stomach that is hurting me. Did I do the right thing, did it sound like God was speaking to me? Or was I acting on feelings of paranoia? I need help, I need to know if I did what was right! "

While he's not usually able to respond to the comments he gets, Josh asked me to post this reply for him. Obviously, because he doesn't know you, your situation, your boy friend, etc., his ability to give counsel is pretty limited. However, he encourages you to involve others, and to seek counsel from those who you know you and your circumstances well. Consulting your pastor in your local church and/or an older, wiser friend would be a good start. Also, as resouce, you could check out the series our church's singles ministry did on relationships. May God give you much grace as you seek His will!


Saturday, September 17, 2005

"Happy Translated Book Day"

Here's an exciting letter we just received:

Dear brother Josh:

I have just, by the Lord's grace, finished translating to Arabic your book Not Even a Hint [a.k.a. Sex Is Not The Problem (Lust Is) ]. I was able to praise the Lord with my wife and celebrate "Happy Translated Book Day"!

I am a Lebanese ordained pastor who holds an M Div from Luther-Rice Seminary and an MS in Biology from Honolulu University. I appreciate a lot dear brother what you have written. I gained from your book plenty of insight for my own life and for my ministry.

My deep conviction that this book is much needed in the Arab world led me to take the initiative and write a "Translator's Preface" in which I evaluate the content of the book very briefly. Don't worry dear brother, for all the issues I raised are positive and edifying!

I consider you now my dear friend and brother in the Lord. I'd appreciate if we can communicate together for our mutual edification and encouragement. Warm greetings to your dear wife Shannon and to your sweet children who are introduced in the book.

In His Service
Rev. Michel

Josh on Fox News Radio: Update

As I posted a few weeks ago (before Joshua and I both took off for vacation) , Josh was on Fox News Radio's Alan Colmes Show. My (unbiased?) opinion is that he brought much glory to God, speaking relevant and uncompromising biblical truth throughout the program. Good job, Josh!Below, I'm posting a couple of the encouraging notes Josh got following the show.


Hey, this is Dave and Laurie. We listened to your interview on the Alan Colmes show tonight and wanted to take the time to encourage you. We are big talk radio fans and are familiar with how Alan can stifle and spin conversations. The Lord definitely blessed you tonight on his show because your message came through loud and clear! Laurie felt as though the Word was getting out there, that we were behind you, and that the gospel was preached for all to hear. I felt you only confirmed and clarified further what we've known to be true in Scripture and our own lives. The theme of his show tonight seemed to be to make Christians out to be crazy and irrational, but you demonstrated exactly the opposite. The Lord was with you tonight, have no doubt about it.
God bless, brother!
Dave and Laurie

Hi Josh,
I heard your interview on Alan Colmes show. Thank you so much for taking a stand for righteousness even in places that are hostile to God and His truth. God blessed you with favor! It seemed that you were one of the few that Mr. Colmes gave adequate time to finish your answer. I really sensed God’s pleasure as you shared the truth clearly and did so with humility and wisdom.

Paul and I are both grateful recipients of the truths of God’s Word that you teach in your books! How helpful it was in courtship and engagement to be able to review your books—which leads us back to Scripture—to help keep focused on how to please God and sincerely love the other person. How sweet was our wedding day and what joy we experience in marriage as a result!

As much as I appreciate how you step out to speak the truth from God’s Word to many audiences, I’m even more grateful that your life, and Shannon’s too, bears witness to the gospel message. Thank you both for your humility in sharing your lives openly so that others may identify, and God-willing be open to the gospel message! Thank you and Shannon for how you sacrifice and serve God’s people on a daily basis!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

On Katrina

The following are comments I shared with my church family this morning. There's nothing new here, but I pray it encourages us all to rightly respond to these sad events. The content is shaped by wise counsel from my mentor CJ Mahaney and from John Piper whose website has many helpful sermons and resources on suffering listed. I hope you'll visit the Covenant Life Website and listen to the comments of Claude Allen, domestic policy advisor to the President on how Christians can pray and respond to the disaster. - Joshua

"We’ve spent this week in disbelief at the images of devastation and human suffering on our television screens. Just a week away from the fourth anniversary of Sept. 11 we feel many of the same emotions we experienced then—grief, sorrow and disbelief at the destruction and pain caused by this storm.

CS Lewis once wrote, "God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: It is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world." We’re so quickly distracted, so easily enamored with the insignificant, but right now God has our attention. God is shouting to us. What does he want us to hear? How does he want our hearts to be effected?

It's appropriate for us to be…

1. Humbled before a Sovereign God

It is appropriate for people in government to carefully evaluate how to better respond to natural disasters. But if our first and primary thought in response to a storm like this is to look for safety and security in better preparation or higher levees we’re missing the point. If our first thought is comfort that we don’t live near the coast, we’re not hearing at all. A disaster like this reminds us of the fearsome power of God. “Does disaster come to a city, unless the Lord has done it?” (Amos 3:6). The answer is no. He is the Sovereign One who controls all things, whose power is limitless, who does whatever he chooses.

America, the world’s greatest super-power has been humbled by this storm. We all feel vulnerable and weak. And you know what, that’s a good thing. We are vulnerable and weak. The only true super-power in this world is the Sovereign God of Heaven. It’s appropriate for us to be humbled before Him. We cannot by our own cleverness or strength make ourselves safe from him. We live in a world that is rebellion to Him and suffering from the effects of the fall.

2. Repentant before a Holy God

In Luke 13 we read how Jesus commented on two current events in his day, two tragedies that the attention of the nation. Jesus used it as an opportunity to call his hearers—to call all of us—to repentance.

“Do you think that these Galileans were worse sinners than all the other Galileans, because they suffered in this way? 3 No, I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish. 4 Or those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them: do you think that they were worse offenders than all the others who lived in Jerusalem? 5 No, I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish” (Luke 13:3-5).

Notice that he doesn’t attempt to assuage our curiosity by explaining the mysteries of why God works in a particular or way or why he allows tragedy.

Neither does he leave any room for self-righteousness that assumes that other are suffering because they’re worse sinners. Jesus is saying, you’re concerned with the tragedy of a tower falling. I’m telling that it’s much worse to have the wrath of a holy God fall on you. And every one of us, because of our sin against God and our disobedience is deserving of this punishment.

We are not called to compare ourselves to others, but to compare ourselves to God. And the only appropriate response on our part when we do this is to repent, to turn from our sins, and cry out to God for mercy.

As you watch the news this week, hear God speaking! “Do you think that the people in New Orleans were worse sinners than those of you who live in Montgomery County? No, I tell you; but unless you repent, we will all likewise perish.

3. Grateful before a Merciful God

In a sermon John Piper described the two kinds of responses to suffering:

"1) We can rail against God and say, "If you are such a great and powerful and loving God, why am I in this hellish mess?" 2) Or we can acknowledge that we are sinners and don't deserve any good thing, and cry out for mercy and help in our time of desperation. The world is full of those who rail against God in their self-righteousness and presume that the creator of the universe obliged to make their life smooth. But there are only a few who own up to the fact that God owes us nothing, and that any good to come our way will be due to his mercy, not our merit.”

We need to see the tragic events of this week in view of the fact that God owes us nothing. And when we do, we begin to see the evidence of his mercy all around. Instead of asking, “How could God let this hurricane happen?” we ask, “In light of our sin, why isn’t there a storm like this every week?”

When we hear stories of heroic rescues by members of the national guard. When we hear of doctors and nurses who bravely stand by their patients and risk their own lives. We see stories of citizens providing food and care for strangers we are witnessing expressions of God’s grace. It is the grace of God that so many people in our nation are selfless, brave and caring people. It is the grace of God that we have a government, however, imperfect that is seeking to protect, guard and rescue its citizens. When we see all this we should be filled with gratefulness and give thanks to God for these undeserved mercies.
But all these expressions of mercy should only serve to point us to the ultimate mercy: God has provided a Savior in his Son Jesus Christ! We were trapped in our sin, in a condition far worse than that of the Superdome. We were dead in our trangressions. We were God’s enemies. And yet God in his mercy gave his Son to die as our substitute.

As we see and read stories of rescue, let our hearts be reminded of the ultimate rescue that God accomplished through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ! Through faith in Him we have been spared the judgment we deserve.

4. Compassionate before a God who seeks and saves the lost

Finally, our gratefulness to God for his mercy should find expression in our lives through mercy and compassion toward those who are suffering. The same Jesus who called all men to repent, calls us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves and to weep with those who weep.

I’m so grateful that so many of you called and emailed the church this week to find out how you could give. This is a Christlike response to the unimaginable suffering we’ve witnessed. Jesus loves the men, women and children, the elderly and the poor who have suffered so grievously this week. He cares for them. And he calls us to represent his love and his compassion.

We’ll be exploring practical ways for us to do this in the days to come…Right now the clearest way for us to do this is to give financially and to pray.

I’m sure many of you have already contributed to worthy organizations like the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. I thank God for these organizations and the work they’re doing. But today the offering that we’re taking for the Sovereign Grace Disaster Relief Fund is going to be channeled through local churches. We want to give money to pastors of local churches in the effected region so that they can minister to their community and provide practically even as they share the gospel with them.

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