Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Since New Attitude: An Update on God's Grace

We just got this encouraging letter from a lady who God brought to NA04. This is an update of what has happened since...


You may not remember me, but I gave my testimony at last years New Attitude Conference. I'm the girl that came alone and got "adopted" into a group from Covenant Fellowship Church. Well, I wanted to give you the year and a half update. After the conference, I kept in contact with the girls I met and they invited me to visit them last year during my spring break, which was March of 2004. Well, I spent the whole week seeing how Sovereign Grace does "church" and was blown away. I decided at the end of my week long visit that I had to move. So I started making the plans once I got home to Michigan. My parents thought I was joking, but they realized after praying about it, that I was serious and the Lord was actually calling me to move 750 miles away. I had always lived close to home, but my parents knew it was time for me to test my wings.

So I moved in July of 2004 and had previously decided that I would go on to grad school in PA. So I found a good seminary about 45 minutes from Covenant Fellowship and moved into the dorms (one of the girls that I met at New Attitude actually bought a one way ticket to Michigan a drove out to PA with me - and helped me move all my stuff in). The first Sunday I was there, I went to Grace Community Church, which is a plant from Covenant Fellowship - and was only about 2 miles down the road from my dorm room. I fell in love with the church and became a member last month. But that's not the highlight of the story (it's a close second only to this......) Do you remember when I said during my testimony that before the conference I had prayed that God would send me my husband, not that he would send me friends? Well, He actually did both. I moved into the dorms last July and met Mike very soon after that. We started dating very soon after that and got married very soon after that! A little crazy, but anyways :) We will be celebrating our 6 month wedding anniversary on August 12th. Marriage has been the most wonderfully difficult thing that I've ever done!!!

Mike also became a member of Grace Community Church in June, which was something he never would have expected. You see, Mike has a very traditional background (hands-by-your-side Presbyterian) but he immediately felt drawn to Sovereign Grace because of it's Reformed teaching and passionate worship. He even left his youth pastor position at another church to join the Sovereign Grace family. And we have both benefitted so much from our church family. We receive Gospel centered preaching every Sunday and are part of an amazing, amazing care group. We are blessed beyond anything we could have imagined!

Josh, I just wanted to tell what the Lord has done in such a short period of time. I went to New Attitude a little depressed I wasn't married yet. And little did I know that God was working behind the scenes to create a love story for me that was so romantic, so beautiful that it only could have been created by Divine hands. That conference caused me to visit a Sovereign Grace church, which caused me to move to a Sovereign Grace church, which caused me to pursue my Masters in Christian counseling at a seminary - where my husband-to-be was praying that God would send him a wife. Truly God is indescribable! What I thought was just a conference was actually a cornerstone that would impact the rest of my life! I had no idea it would be this good!

God bless,


P.S. - Oh yeah, and Crissy the girl I met at New Attitude was the maid of honor in my wedding and she is my very best friend to this day!!!


If you haven't heard we've restarted New Attitude. Stay tuned for details.


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