Monday, March 14, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor # 217

I belive that God brings certain people in and out of our lives for reasons, sometimes, we may never know. And we're blessed beyond belief, that some days it's hard to think of what life would have been like without them.

My name's Sarah, and I'm 17 years old. I remember meeting my youth pastor in 8th grade when I was living with my father that was never around, and my stepmother and stepsisters that beat me. He first asked for anyone who wanted prayer and I was the first one at the alter. That's when it started, when I started to build a family at church that would support me throughout my youth. Tom (my youth pastor) prayed with me and his wife and set me up with small goup leaders and a great family home..

Last year I was very ill, and in-and-out of the hospital a lot. My youth pastors Tom and his wife Tonja were in the hospital with me for surgery and constantly calling to check on me and visiting me and praying for/with me. They made a huge poster that said "We Love You, Sarah" that our whole youth group signed, and they hung it in my hospital room.

This year I live with my mom, and my dad lives out of the country and has never called for me once. At my school we have a "daddy/daughter dance" and I cried thinking of it. My youth pastor was the most respectiable man I know, and I told him I wished I could take him to the dance with me. Instead, that night him, his wife and I went out to dinner and caught up on things. They both taught me not to be afraid to love, but to embrace it, and God's been teaching me that most this year.

Tom has been our high school youth pastor for almost 4 years now. He's lead mission trips to Idaho and Mexico with the youth; he's organized the youth worship team, the high school servant team, drama team and outreach team at Northwest Foursquare church.. I can say that God has blessed me with someone I can look up to and I'll always remember him as the best youth pastor, and a wonderful father figure who's taught me a lot about life, God, and everything in between.


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