Monday, March 14, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #207

A pastor is someone who leads and guides his church. A pastor is someone who is loving, understanding and full of passion for Christ.
That description is of my youth pastor, Mike. He is a pastor who is not afraid to proclaim Christ, not afraid to share the truth.
He has challenged me throughout the past year to be bold for Christ and to really know what I believe in. Pastor Mike has based everything he has taught in the Word of God, the infallible and trustworthy source. He is currently a student at the Master's Seminary. Every week he comes to church with a servant-like attitude. Many times I have seen him die to self. For example, when we went to our mission trip this past summer, he organized the entire thing. He put his whole heart into it making sure that we had everything prepared. One night he was working on his sermon until very late at night and only got a couple hours of sleep, yet he still made sure he prayed with our entire group in the morning. Even though he was so tired, he was worrying about us and how we were doing rather than focusing on himself. Pastor Mike is full of love. Many times during his sermons he will share the gospel at the end and share his heart. I have seen him get teary-eyed and emotional when sharing his love for us and his desire for us to grow closer to God and really get a glimpse of God's glory. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful youth pastor like Pastor Mike.

- Megan & the VBC Youth Group


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