Monday, March 14, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor # 205

I heard about this book on a local radio station. I just looked it up on the web and I was excited to see I could get it free for our Pastor. He has been a missionary for thirty years with Youth With A Mission so he is new to Pastoring. I thought how much sense this book meant just in the title alone. My family just came to this church about six months ago after eighteen years in another church. We were trying to find another church and we really liked this pastor's message and vision. We realized we had to just make a committment and get settled down instead of wasting so much time going into other churches to see if there was another, better suited for us. I haven't read this book but heard that one statement. This is what so many of us do. I'm not even sure this is what the book is about. But that was the message I got in the title so I want to read it and find out. Thank you.


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