Monday, March 14, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor # 203

I appreciate my pastor ultimately because he loves, preaches, and lives the Word of God. There are so many times I walk into his office to find him, as he calls it, 'having a time in the Word!" I hear him sharing some great truth with someone that he found during his personal quiet time, and then that same truth appears again on Sunday morning. I know that his messages are not "manufactured," but from a heart that has been earnestly seeking God. I am thankful for the balance of sound doctrine and down-hard application that comes from his preaching. But these things are not limited to Bible study and preaching - my pastor lives the Word of God. So often as he preaches, I inwardly nod my head and say, "yep, he lives that every day." Thank you, brother Pastor, for preaching the Word. I love you, Dad.


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