Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #183

My pastor has, for the 4 years he's been here, been the most caring person that I've seen when it comes to people in general. He has such a heart to bring people not to CHURCH, but to CHRIST. But he wants them to grow in Christ by the help of a church that is a family. He is so open to new ideas and willing to exhaust all possibilities when it comes to reaching people for Christ. He never preaches on the side of the truth but always on top of it. My pastor IS one of my role models when it comes to obeying the Holy Spirit and walking the walk in every area of your life. He is such a great leader, not only in the Church, but in the office and to all the people that he encounters, and especially his own family. It is so impressive how he is able to care for all of the people in our city as much as he does and still keep his family at the top of the list. I love my pastor and pray for him daily. -Chad


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