Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #179

I really appreciate our youth pastor, Mike-not only because I am extremely biased(I am his wife),but also because of his sheer love and devotion to the kids and young adults at our church-and his total desire to see “that not one perish.” I have watched him pour over every new website or resource available to do what he can to serve God more deeply, and to serve each kid individually where they are at in their spiritual journey. I have watched him labor over every tough decision, and prayerfully meet each challenge on his knees before God. I have seen him cry out for this generation, and constantly (even from the first day of his own salvation),join in with the chorus from the book of Acts of “what can I do?” He challenges our kids to fall in love with God and to keep pressing further and further into an intimate relationship with their Savior, and to discover all that He has for them. I can think of no one I’d rather honor. -Katie


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