Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #176

Pastor Jason has been a blessing to us all. Each and every week he is faithful to plan and organize our youth nights. With his glowing smile and catchy laugh, he meets us at our level and desires to build relationships with us. He continually works hard, learning more about God so that he can better help us. He gives so much of his time and energy to the ministry and is selfless. Pastor Jason is a very welcoming man, leaving the doors always open for those in need of wise counsel. Through his preaching, he desires to help us grow to new levels with God, to never be satisfied with where we are now. His undying faith in our youth group encourages us to become a generation that seeks God's face. Always wise, encouraging and praying for his youth group, we thank Pastor Jason so much. We're truly blessed to have a youth pastor like him. On behalf of our youth group, I would like to take
this time to say thank-you to Pastor Jason. He's been such a blessing and we
appreciate him so much. -Jean


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