Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #153

Pastor Nathan has been a blessing in the lives of every person he meets. With his kind demeanor, and wlecoming attitude, he makes it very easy to invite people to attend our Sunday service. He does not boast of our church or his success, but keeps his spirit humble, always recognizing that all blessings come from our Lord. He holds such passion for God, that it seems to drip from his tongue during Sunday morning sermons, and his fervor is so great that even I, a young college student, will barely notice lunch time pass as I listen engaged at how the Spirit moves through him (even if his word for us hold uncomfortable conviction, which only seems to motive him further). He doesn't see a church before him in every pew, he sees a family reunion; and with this way of living, even those from far away feel at home in our congregation. -Caitlin


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