Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #150

Most pastors who have endured what my pastor has endured would have quit a long time ago! I admire his faithfulness to the Lord’s calling on his life and the love and commitment he has for the people of his church. He doesn’t take into consideration the fact that he isn’t paid a regular salary and has to have his own lawn business to support his large family( 8 children). He knows he is in the center of God’s will. In his first three years of pastoring, he endured a church split. This left very few people committed to the Lord, but God has shown himself strong and reaffirmed his calling on my pastor’s life many times. He took the church through the refiner’s fire and continues to mold as the “faithful few” to His purposes for our body of believers. The main reason I love my pastor? He’s my dad. -J


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