Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #137

I have always had a good relationship with the Lord and have been following Him for 6 amazing years. However, in this past year, the Lord placed a new youth pastor in charge. During this time, Matt has been such a great influence to not only my life, but many of my peers as well. I've noticed the maturity in the obedience to our serving the Lord during Matt's leadership. He encourages every time he has an opporutunity to and challenges us to dig deeper and take a stand for our beliefs in a world where many people compromise the Lord's plan for our lives. Matt is such an
important part of our church and is a huge impact to many lives in our youth group; I'm grateful for having him in my life and helping me through encouragement and his awesome model of how to live to lead me in this next chapter of my life. - Barret


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