Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Why I Love My Pastor #133

Pastor Ken is genuinely incredible. This man of God is not only our leader by teaching us the Word on Sunday mornings, but he exhibits true leadership by his willingness to serve and carry out the menial tasks around the church, like picking up garbage in the church parking lot. Despite the hectic busyness, Ken makes time to stop and say “hi” before the service begins to people in the congregation, of all different ages. His quick pat on the back or shake of the hand authentically feels like a tender touch of God. He’s never to swamped to lend an ear, and Ken’s honest enough to admit when he doesn’t have an answer for people, but even then he tries to the best of his ability to seek out an answer from outside resources. He takes time to not only counsel people but also build relationships with members of his congregation with his presence at care-free, fun events. This all may seem customary of a pastor, but often if these things actually are carried out they can become time-consuming duties, however to my precious Pastor Ken they are done out of love and joy. I love my Pastor Ken. -Miki


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