Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #92

I have been blessed to have Pastor Mark as my mentor. My first two years at college were rough, and I struggled spiritually due to many unwise choices. My junior year, I met Pastor Mark in an class on interpersonal communications. He centered the class on the gospel of Christ, and the relationship we now have with Him and with the Father. It was because of this class that I began to speak with Pastor Mark
regularly, and over the years he became a great spiritual mentor to me. He has encouraged me in matters of faith, confrontation of brothers, writing sermons, speaking the Word of God, and deciding to court and marry a wonderful woman. I continually admire his passion for following Christ, and his desire to know Jesus better through His Word. I thank God for Pastor Mark, and I pray that the Lord continue to use him to serve other young men and women. -Joshua


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