Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #87

To me, Pastor Benoit( friendly known as Ben) is not just a friend, or even a pastor. He `s someone who`s so passionate that he`ll do whatever he can to get the job done, even when it demands sacrifice. I`ve seen him in his home, in situations where I wondered how he could restrain himself. But in the past 3 years that I`ve known him, all I`ve seen is an example. And I know the 24 other young people under his ministry feel the same. He isn`t just someone we can look up to. He`s more than that. I think he is a picture of what every Christian should be, of the kind of Christian that many of us long to be. I thank God that he gave us a pastor so caring, honest, real and full of compassion. It would be hard to honor Ben without honoring his wife, who herself is an example and a mentor to every young Christian.
- Afiwa


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