Friday, December 03, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #80

Danny is the most caring pastor I have ever known. He always makes sure to greet every new guest that comes through the door after service and people that weren’t there the week before. Lately I have been talking to him about college after every service. He has given me advice such as not to rush, wait to hear God’s voice, and will that college equip me for what I want to do. I love my pastor and I thank him for his time. -Amy

[Note: This is an installment of our "Why I Love My Pastor" posts from
people around the world honoring the faithful leaders of their local
churches. Here's how it works: a person sends his or her thoughts and the
name and address of their pastor. Then we send the pastor a free, signed
copy of "Stop Dating the Church" along with the note written about them. For
more info on how you can participate, please visit the


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