Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #127

I appreciate my pastor for so many reasons. Instead of a wordy fluffy page let me just run SOME of the reasons:
- he married my wife and I (ya know that sounds funny but I just can't come up with a better way to say it...oh wait) he officiated our wedding vows.
- he is more than just a pastor, he is a friend. he knows me by name, and my son, and my inlaws - and they don't even go to our church. he remembers our struggles and celebrates our victories.
- he is a shepard. We have a church of over 1000, but he knows his sheep, their names, their history, their story
- he's real. he struggles with life just like I do and admits it. I can approach him because I know that he too has walked that walk.
- he let's the called follow their calling without getting in the way. while he is the shepard of the whole church, he let's the youth pastor be a youth pastor, the college pastor be a college pastor. he doesn't get in the way and dictate how they should carry out their calling, guidance sure but never control. ok...he does try to sing but fortunetly our worship leader can sing louder.
- he tries so hard to be funny.
- he's finally wearing colored dress shirts.
- he'll hit the hard stuff without apology. he doesn't just talk of the fluffy white clouds of heaven...he talks about the hell we walk in day in and day out.


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