Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #107

My pastor is not only my pastor, he is also my father-in-law and my boss. He serves well in all three, but also excells at being a father of four and a devoted husband. Relationships with Pastor David go well beyond church. He makes friends where ever he goes with his exceeding humor and warm personality. When he is not visiting someone in the hospital, preparing for his next sermon, or running errands for the church, you can usually find him enjoying his wonderful family or fulfilling his position as volunteer Chaplain of the County Sherrif's Department. It has been great serving under him as a Youth and Children's Pastor thusfar, because he treats me as an equal. He has a passion for the community in which he serves that I have never seen in another pastor. I consider others less fortunate who have pastors who are more caught up in the affairs of office work than in serving their family, church, and community. He truly is deserving of every compliment I have written and more, but I'm sure he would give all the praise to the God he serves. -Robert


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