Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #105

I appreciate my Pastor for the sincere and humble man he is. I have seen our church go through tough times and difficult transitions, but God has given this man strength to be the leader but also the humility, to be a servant unto his sheep and his Lord. I am thankful for Pastor Albert in the love he shows towards a stranger or a friend, that it is untainted and pure. He has endured as our leader and shown
who Christ is through messages from the pulpit and the message of his life. I am thankful for the warmth that comes with his hug, yet the firmness that comes from a word of discipline. I am not good with words face to face, but I hope as he reads this letter, that he will know that the impact that he has had in my life and those around me. That it will never go unnoticed in our prayers and in our love for
him as a Pastor and as a fellow servant unto the Lord. -Alan


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