Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #101

I appreciate my pastor because of the example he sets for our church family. Since Bro Andy has come to our church we have opened up so many new opportunities for our church to minister to our community and within our own church. Bro Andy has had a great affect on my life. I have gone from someone who just sits in church and takes it all in, to an involved member. Bro Andy's encouragement has enabled me to grow bolder in my faith. Bro Andy is a leader by example and just being around him makes you want to do more for the Lord. I'm only one example of the many people who have been motivated by our pastor to get involved in ministry. Our community is lucky to have a man of Bro Andy's caliber in our midst. God is working wonders around him and I feel blessed to have this man in my life. -Ken


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