Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #100

I appreciate my pastor for many reasons. The first thing that I think of is his love for the Lord and his commitment to serving Him and proclaiming the gospel. I appreciate his unapologetic commitment to proclaiming the truth of the Scriptures no matter how uncomfortable it may make some people. He has a tender heart and doesn't try to hide his emotions. He is very honest about his faults and shortcomings and doesn't try to pretend that he has it altogether. I appreciate the time he has taken to counsel and encourage me through some very hard times. I appreciate that he is committed to our church body until the Lord leads him somewhere else. He is definitely not dating the church and will not leave because he is frustrated, discouraged, has his feelings hurt, or is tired of dealing with us. I believe that he believes that his life is not his own because he has given it to the Lord and only the Lord will direct his life. I appreciate his commitment to his wife, Lynlee, and the example they are of a godly marriage and family. -Lynn


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